7 Most-Viewed Movie Trailers in the first 24 hours

🎬 Brace yourselves, movie buffs! The cinematic universe just got electrified with the adrenaline-pumping release of the ‘DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE’ trailer, shattering records like never before! In a jaw-dropping spectacle, the trailer has stormed into the history books as the MOST watched trailer of ALL TIME within its first 24 hours, clocking an astronomical 365 million views! ⚔️

💥 Here’s a pulse-pounding rundown of the Most-Viewed Movie Trailers in their blistering first 24 hours:

1.Deadpool And Wolverine365M
2.Spider-Man: No Way Home355M
3.Avengers: Endgame #1289M
4.Avengers: Endgame #2268M
5.Transformers: Rise of Beast238M
6.Avengers: Infinity War #1230M
7.The Lion King 224M

7. The Lion King: 224M views
Can You Feel the Love Tonight…for the Trailer?

The visually stunning trailer brings the beloved classic story of Simba to life with photorealistic animation and an iconic soundtrack, evoking nostalgia and anticipation. Will this live-action reimagining capture the magic of the original and resonate with a new generation? Prepare for a timeless story told in a breathtaking new way, with unforgettable characters and stunning visuals.

6. Avengers: Infinity War #1: 230M views
Thanos Snaps His Fingers…and Our Attention

The first trailer for Infinity War dropped a bombshell that resonated across the galaxy: Thanos’ earth-shattering snap. This glimpse into the heroes facing their greatest threat yet, coupled with the emotional cliffhanger, left audiences desperate for more. The trailer’s impact directly translated into impressive viewership numbers, proving that sometimes, less is more (when it comes to leaving audiences wanting more, that is). This epic tease set the stage for a universe-altering showdown, leaving everyone asking: can the Avengers overcome the seemingly insurmountable odds? Prepare for an emotional rollercoaster ride filled with sacrifices, battles, and a cliffhanger that will leave you speechless.

5. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts: 238M views
Robots in Disguise Take Center Stage

This trailer marked a new chapter in the Transformers saga, one that stomped into our hearts with the inclusion of prehistoric beasts. The awe-inspiring visuals and the return of the iconic Optimus Prime were sure to capture attention, while the promise of a new adventure with familiar faces kept viewers engaged. This action-packed tease secured a solid spot in the viewership ranks, leaving audiences wondering: how will the Autobots fare against these prehistoric adversaries? Will Optimus Prime once again lead the charge to defend Earth? Get ready for a thrilling ride filled with robots, dinosaurs, and enough explosions to rival a Michael Bay film festival.

4. Avengers: Endgame #2: 268M views
More Endgame Goodness!

With the hype already at a supernova level, the second trailer for Endgame served as a super fuel injection. It delved deeper into the emotional journeys of the heroes, showcasing even more action sequences that had audiences on the edge of their seats, and solidified the film as an event not to be missed. This second helping of trailer goodness secured its place among the most-watched teases of all time. Prepare for heart-wrenching moments, adrenaline-pumping battles, and the ultimate showdown against the Mad Titan himself. Will the Avengers assemble one last time to undo the snap? This trailer didn’t give away all the answers, but it guaranteed an epic conclusion that would leave audiences speechless.

3. Avengers: Endgame #1: 289M views
The End of an Era

The first trailer for the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame wasn’t just a trailer; it was a cinematic moment in itself. With the fate of the universe hanging by a Thanos-snapped thread, the trailer saw our heroes assembling for one last stand. The emotional weight of their sacrifice, the epic scope of the battle, and the iconic Avengers theme swelling in the background resonated deeply with audiences, making it a must-watch (and rewatch) experience. This trailer wasn’t just about superheroes; it was about hope, unity, and the power of teamwork in the face of insurmountable odds. Grab your tissues and your mightiest hammer, because the Endgame is nigh.

2. Spider-Man: No Way Home: 355M views
Multiverse Madness & Nostalgia Mania

This electrifying trailer sent shockwaves through the Spider-verse, teasing the iconic return of villains from past films and igniting a multiverse of fan theories. The mere mention of alternate dimensions had webslingers everywhere speculating and swooning, while the emotional reunion between Peter Parker and his loved ones tugged at heartstrings harder than Doc Ock’s tentacles. With its jaw-dropping reveals, potent nostalgia, and a healthy dose of teenage angst, this trailer webbed millions of views, leaving everyone asking: Can one Spider-Man handle all these villains? Prepare for web-slinging action, emotional gut punches, and a multiverse adventure that will redefine what it means to be Spider-Man.

1. Deadpool & Wolverine: 365M views
Laugh Your Claws Off!

Get ready for the chimichanga-fueled mayhem you never knew you needed! This audacious trailer shattered records, leaving a permanent fourth-wall-breaking mark on the internet. The long-awaited team-up between the irreverent Deadpool and the brooding Wolverine was practically guaranteed to set the web ablaze. Throw in Deadpool’s official MCU induction, his signature meta humor, and the promise of action-packed brawls that defy reality itself, and you have a recipe for trailer gold. No wonder audiences clamored for a glimpse, making it the most-watched trailer ever. Will Logan finally lose his patience with the Merc’s antics? Will Deadpool’s jokes reach a cosmic level? Buckle up, True Believers, because this ride promises to be anything but conventional.

🚀 Marvel and DC enthusiasts, buckle up for an intergalactic joyride as ‘DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE’ catapults its way to cinematic stardom, leaving a trail of shattered records in its wake. With a fusion of razor-sharp wit, bone-crunching action, and a dash of mutant mayhem, this epic showdown promises to redefine the very fabric of superhero storytelling!

🔥 Dive deep into the heart-pounding synergy between two iconic titans as they join forces to battle evil forces beyond imagination. From heart-stopping stunts to mind-bending plot twists, this trailer packs a punch that reverberates across the cosmos!

💫 As the silver screen braces for an epic clash of titans, fans worldwide are gripped by an insatiable frenzy, eagerly counting down the seconds until the movie’s release. So buckle up, folks, for a cinematic experience that’ll send shockwaves through the multiverse!

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