best anime you  can't miss

on Netflix



Explores societal expectations and self-discovery as a high school student switches between two appearances, delving into beauty standards and self-acceptance. 

ZOM 100: Bucket List of the Dead 


A comedic horror-drama following a young man's quest for fulfillment amidst a zombie apocalypse, blending humor and heartfelt storytelling. 

My Happy Marriage


Set in an alternate Japanese history with magic, it follows a forced marriage between a young woman and a domineering army commander, exploring themes of love and resilience. 

Vinland Saga 


An epic Viking tale of vengeance and honor, as a young boy seeks retribution for his family's death amidst a backdrop of political intrigue. 

Bee and Puppycat 


A whimsical journey through otherworldly temp jobs with Bee and Puppycat, filled with quirky characters and life lessons. 

Record of Ragnarok 


An action-packed series where historical figures and gods battle for humanity's survival, featuring stunning animation and thrilling combat. 

Romantic Killer 


Follows an ordinary teenager forced into a magical reality, navigating friendship, humor, and self-discovery.