Need a break from serious movies? Check out our list of fun and silly flicks perfect for a laugh after a tough day. From snakes on a plane to stepbrothers on an adventure, these movies are surprisingly awesome! 

M3gan (2023) 


She's like a modern Barbie, but with a twist - she has a robot arm and her own personality. Don't be fooled by her killer doll appearance, Megan is more than just a pretty face with sharp knives. She's got a message to share...

Hot Rod (2007) 


Hot Rod: a cult favorite from the 2000s starring Andy Samberg and Bill Hader. It's a hilarious tale of a wannabe stuntman chasing his dreams with plenty of laughs along the way! 

The Holiday (2006) 


The Holiday is like wrapping yourself in a soft, fuzzy blanket of a movie, perfect for snuggling up and escaping reality for a little while. The characters are all really cool (except for the exes, obviously).

Snakes on a Plane (2006)


The whole movie is just a bunch of snakes causing chaos on the plane, but it's actually pretty entertaining.

The Fast and The Furious (2001) 


Fast and Furious changed the game by making movie stars the cool drivers. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, who race in Los Angeles, talk tough like action heroes from the 80s.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) 


Imagine how cool it would be to see Kevin James kick some bad guy butt! In this movie, he plays a security guard who has to save the day when a group of terrorists take over a store in the mall.

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon (2019) 


In 2019, the coolest sheep around starred in their very own movie where they meet an alien from Mars and become best buds.

Step Brothers (2008)


Choosing the top Will Ferrell movie for our list was tough. He's famous for his silly comedies, but they're actually pretty smart. Step Brothers is a great example. It's not just about dumb jokes - it has some deep stuff to say about family. 

The Happening (2008)


Plants are out to get us! That's the big message from Shyamalan's movie where Mark Wahlberg talks to a plant. It's like a mix of a scary movie and a real-life disaster. It's too bad the movie didn't focus more on the exciting parts.

The Naked Gun (1988)


We could have totally filled this list with just funny movies and been done with it. It's not that these movies are dumb, they just have silly characters, jokes, and storylines. But the rest of The Gun is actually really smart.