Let's chat about why these movies fell short of expectations for some of us who watch and write about films. Everyone's entitled to their own take, and it's all about exploring how they could've been even better.


The Age Of Adaline

Blake Lively impresses as the ageless Adaline, but "The Age of Adaline" disappoints with its heavy focus on romance over exploring the concept of immortality.



"Pixels" promised an exciting concept of battling video game characters to save the world, but many found it lacking in humor and not among Adam Sandler's best films.


Mortal Engines 

"Mortal Engines," co-created by Peter Jackson, offers a visually stunning take on a mobile London but falls short with its familiar apocalyptic themes, disappointing some viewers.


Jupiter Ascending 

Jupiter Ascending impresses with its imaginative universe and Mila Kunis as a space princess, but uneven acting and a confusing plot leave some preferring it as a TV series. 


Wonder Woman 1984 

Wonder Woman 1984, starring Gal Gadot, divided opinions. Critics noted excessive action, awkward dialogue, and the unsettling return of Steve Trevor. 



Natali's sci-fi/horror flick with Brody and Polley explores DNA manipulation and the nature vs. nurture debate, but is remembered for one particularly gruesome scene. 


The Lovely Bones

Peter Jackson's adaptation of 'The Lovely Bones' draws criticism for its heavy focus on purgatory's special effects, overshadowing other aspects. 


Blood Quantum 

"Quantum" presents indigenous Canadians immune to a zombie virus, but its reliance on familiar tropes may disappoint.



"Elysium" falls short despite Matt Damon's pursuit and political undertones, hampered by heavy action and criticized performances.



"Prometheus" dazzles visually but lacks depth. Its attempt to explain the Alien franchise's Xenomorph origin may be unnecessary.