Hey guys, I just want to say that I'm not trying to be mean to anyone who loves the movies on this list. I know a lot of people think they're awesome, and that's totally cool.  But personally, along with a bunch of other movie fans and critics, I thought these movies were kind of meh. They had cool ideas, but they just didn't live up to their full potential. So, I'm going to tell you why I think these films could have been way better. Thanks for listening!


In Time 

In Andrew Niccol's sci-fi film, people cease aging at 25 but must trade time as currency to stay alive. While the premise is intriguing, many find the execution dull and clichéd.



"65" had Adam Driver fighting dinosaurs solo, but it turned out boring. Despite its talented creators, including "A Quiet Place" writers Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, the film failed to impress.



"Downsizing" had a cool concept with people shrinking to 5 inches tall to solve economic issues, but it missed the mark by trying to tackle too many social issues at once and lacking humor. 



In "Jumper," Hayden Christensen can teleport anywhere instantly, but critics found the action dull, the story aimless, and the characters flat.



"Chappie" follows a robot with human-like capabilities who joins forces with bad guys but falls short due to silly jokes and over-the-top villains, despite its potential.



In "Passengers," Chris Pratt's character wakes up Jennifer Lawrence's character, spoiling the romantic vibe. Even Adele warned Jennifer Lawrence against taking the role.



"Bright" promised a captivating mix of cops and a magical world but ultimately disappointed with a nonsensical story, dull characters, and an overly obvious message.


The Wedding Ringer 

"The Wedding Ringer" promised laughs with Kevin Hart as a professional best man, but it fell flat. Dull jokes, a predictable plot, and a confusing twist at the end left viewers disappointed.