Bale's Oscar-winning supporting role in this sports drama contributes to the film's success. 

1. The Fighter (2010): $129.2 Million 

Bale and Matt Damon lead this true-story racing film, showcasing their chemistry and boosting the box office. 

2. Ford v Ferrari (2019): $225.5 Million

Bale undergoes a physical transformation in this crime film, earning his second Oscar nomination for his leading role. 

3. American Hustle (2013): $251.1 Million

Bale takes on the role of Moses in Ridley Scott's epic, with his performance struggling to elevate the underwhelming material. 

4. Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014): $268.1 Million 

Bale's first voice role in this Disney animated classic, contributing to its box office success. 

5. Pocahontas (1995): $346.1 Million

Bale gives his all as John Connor in an attempt to revitalize the Terminator franchise, although the film's success was modest. 

6. Terminator: Salvation (2009): $371.3 Million 

The origin story of Batman, grounded in a realistic world, marking the beginning of Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise. 

7. Batman Begins (2005): $375.2 Million

Bale delivers a unique performance as the villain in this Thor sequel, although the film fell short of expectations. 

8. Thor: Love and Thunder (2022): $760.9 Million 

Widely regarded as one of the best superhero movies, Bale's portrayal of Batman shines alongside Heath Ledger's iconic Joker. 

9. The Dark Knight (2008): $1.029 Billion

The final chapter in Bale's Batman saga, featuring a great villain and a compelling arc for Bruce Wayne. 

10. The Dark Knight Rises (2012): $1.114 Billion