In the fast-paced world of television,  our favorite shows constantly face the chopping block or get a green light for more episodes. Let's explore the recent ups and downs in the TV landscape, diving into the shows that got canceled, those securing a renewal, and those bidding farewell. 

The epic adventure continues, delighting fans of this long-running anime with news of another season.

One Piece

The spy thriller secures its future, promising more espionage and suspense in the upcoming seasons.

Slow Horses

Fans of martial arts and drama rejoice as the captivating journey of "Blue Eye Samurai" gets a renewal.

Blue Eye Samurai

Isaac Asimov's sci-fi epic continues to explore its vast universe, captivating audiences with its intricate plot.


The action-packed series is set for another installment, promising more thrilling adventures.


The thought-provoking anthology series secures its place in the future of television.

Black Mirror

The animated series revolving around the iconic DC character receives a renewal, ensuring more chaotic and comedic escapades.

Harley Quinn

This intriguing thriller earns a continuation, promising more suspense and twists.

The Bear

The mysterious and supernatural world of "Gen V" continues to unfold, captivating audiences with its unique storyline.

Gen V

The comedic mystery series starring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez is set for more sleuthing and laughter.

Only Murders in the Building