Get ready for a digital adventure! Check out the coolest streaming services where you can watch awesome movies and shows. These are the top 10 services that everyone's talking about – the best way to have fun online!

A movie-centric streaming service affiliated with Lionsgate, Starz boasts  a global presence and a substantial subscriber base, offering a diverse array of cinematic content.

10. Starz (15.79 M) 

Apple's exclusive streaming service, Apple TV+, is gaining traction with original shows and movies, though specific subscriber numbers remain undisclosed.

09. Apple TV+ (25 M estimated) 

Disney's ESPN+ is a unique blend of live sports, original content, and additional streaming options for ESPN subscribers, capturing the interest of sports enthusiasts.

08. ESPN+ (26 M) 

NBC's Peacock has surged in popularity with its affordable pricing and exclusive English Premier League streaming, making it a compelling option for diverse content.

07. Peacock (28 M)

Now fully owned by Disney, Hulu is a versatile platform, offering on-demand content and live TV streaming, catering to a wide range of preferences.

06. Hulu (48.5 M)

Paramount+ stands out as a global streaming service, housing major brands like CBS, Showtime, Nickelodeon, and more, offering a diverse entertainment palette.

05. Paramount+  (63.4 M)

Formerly HBO Max, Max, under Warner Bros. Discovery, combines HBO, Discovery+, and other premium content, providing a comprehensive streaming experience.

04. Max (Warner Bros. Discovery - 95.1 M)

Disney's family-friendly streaming platform, Disney+ offers a magical experience with beloved franchises like Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic.

03. Disney+ (150 M)

Part of the Amazon Prime ecosystem, Prime Video delivers a multitude of movies and shows alongside exclusive sports content, accessible to millions of Prime subscribers.

02. Amazon Prime Video (200 M+)

A global giant with an extensive content library, Netflix is renowned for its diverse range of movies and shows, capturing audiences worldwide.

01. Netflix (260 M+)