In the fast-paced world of television,  our favorite shows constantly face the chopping block or get a green light for more episodes. Let's explore the recent ups and downs in the TV landscape, diving into the shows that got canceled, those securing a renewal, and those bidding farewell. 

A movie-centric streaming service affiliated with Lionsgate, Starz boasts  a global presence and a substantial subscriber base, offering a diverse array of cinematic content.


The unique dark comedy-horror series won't be returning, leaving fans missing its blend of humor and fright.

Shining Vale

The gripping thriller takes its final bow, leaving viewers pondering the mysteries left unsolved.

Cruel Summer

The animated musical sitcom bids adieu, taking its catchy tunes and charming characters with it.

Central Park

The fantasy series based on Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse novels faces cancellation, surprising many fans.

Shadow and Bone

Nathan Fillion's crime drama won't be solving any more cases, marking the end of this crime-fighting journey.

The Rookie: Feds

The TV adaptation of the iconic thriller film meets its end, leaving viewers without the suspense and drama.

Fatal Attraction

The intriguing series concludes its run, leaving fans with unanswered questions but a sense of closure.

Rabbit Hole